About Leta


I am a California based brand identity designer, marketer, and web designer creating effective visual communications for companies of all sizes around the nation. As a graphic designer, I am inherently a problem solver at heart and strive to deliver the most effective solutions at the highest of standards. If I am not “lost in the design world” it is safe to bet I am either traveling or enjoying the outdoors (or maybe both at the same time). But regardless of where I am, I constantly see everything around me with a design eye and am always analyzing the little details.

My experiences in design include concepting, creating, presenting and producing graphics to companies like Disney, the NFL, Clear Capital, Allstate, and the NHL. I bring positive, contagious energy as well as fresh and unique ideas to any table and crave a collaborative and fun work environment.




Leta’s passion for design, peace, and life is uncanny. She devotes herself critically to align her actions with what is right. Working with Leta is a pleasure as her attitude guides her to tackle even the most daunting tasks and master them successfully. If she is looking to be included in your team, consider yourself lucky! -Michelle Fehler

Leta Fritz was an asset to the design staff the day she began. She was an outstanding team member who was essential for the success on a number of high-profile projects including the 2012 NHL Winter Classic, the Allstate Sugar Bowl and projects for the Dallas Cowboys. Leta is quick, smart and creative and above all, personable. I would recommend her for any high-level design position. -Ian Ransley, Flying Colors


Leta has been an absolute pleasure to work with. She has been in my employ for the last year and a half as she has finished up her undergrad work at ASU. She is a very talented designer with a solid foundation. I consider Leta a rising star with tremendous potential and one to watch throughout her career. She has a ferocious appetitive for learning that keeps her continually trying new things and coming up with truly unique and insightful design solutions. She works well in collaborative settings as well with individual tasks. I would recommend Leta without hesitation and know she would be a very valuable asset to any design team or studio. -Scott Curtis, Arizona State University Foundation

Leta is a great communicator and very efficient at getting projects done. She quickly interprets the requirements for projects, identifies concerns and suggests solutions. Her technical knowledge and passion for design and photography help make all projects shine bright. Her professionalism was second to none. It was always a pleasure working with Leta. -Christian Florin


Logo Design

Leta is very attentive, personable and does a fantastic job at creating new design work. Unlike other designers, she has a very practical perspective on design and knows what’s best for business. -Sean Coleman